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I know it’s still winter (my favorite season) but I am so in love with white daisies lately. Maybe I will add to my collection to ready myself for spring. I ❤ flowers! Here are some pretty daisy things I absolutely love…

Courtesy of Weheartit.com

I love this whole outfit! So elegant… White is one of my favorites to wear. 🙂

This SUPER cute headband made by TwinkieChan

Courtesy of WeHeartit.com

I’m ready to start the new year with some new ideas and inspiration. What do you love lately? What are your goals?


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Whew! December is almost over… and to be honest, I think I’m glad. I really overdid it this year. I took on way too much to see if I could really do it but I guess it’s not always like the movies and sometimes one can only do so much. :/ I got a lot of wholesale orders through Etsy which was so amazing but the downfall of it was that it made ALL other orders this winter late. I had some angry customers and some nice ones (thank you!) Overall, it was a learning experience. By taking on a bunch of orders, I ended having to give refunds, rush shipping, etc, etc, etc, rather than make extra money. Oh well… you win some, you lose some.. 🙂 I had some medical emergencies that pushed back everything even more. All the while, I still hosted THREE different Christmas celebrations at my house and still tried to maintain a normal life. Many sleepless nights (up doing orders) and now I’m down to the last of my orders and still trying to play catch-up with my not so happy emails.

I still have dial-up internet (I live in the middle of nowhere) so I am rarely online. If you get an email from me it is because I sent it with my phone while looking like a contortionist looking for service.

I plan to do MANY MANY more blog posts in the new year and to only post ‘ready-made’ items in my Etsy shop because I learned the hard way that you never what the future holds and yes folks, there is such thing as putting too much on your plate.

I wish the happiest New Year to everyone and thank you to all my customers that were so patient and understanding.

Much ❤


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Winter Wonderland

Gracey has been enjoying her time off from school to play in the snow. I have been slaving away at my endless orders and keeping the fire stoked. 🙂 I love winter and everything it brings. I love the bright white snow everywhere, bundling up in a million layers, sitting by the fire with some coffee, and being surrounded in yarn and packages to put the finished project in.

Yesterday, I made Gracey hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream, marsh “smoosh” mallows, sprinkles, and a candy cane.

I will try to post more soon but I am still without internet. I didn’t think I could go this long without it. It hasn’t been easy but I should be getting my part soon and I will have tons of blog posts to share…

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I decided to jump on Elsie’s 4 simple goals bandwagon.

Here are my goals before 2011…

1. Blog more. I plan to blog every other day. I feel so accomplished when I write a blog so why not always feel accomplished?  I plan to host giveaways from fellow Etsy sellers, post weekly blogs of things I’m interested or inspired by lately. 

2.Drink more water. Okay, I admit that drink WAY too much coffee. I plan to drink more water, tea, etc. I don’t drink soda so I’m good in that department. 🙂 

3.Wakeup earlier. I will be going back to work in a couple weeks. I tend to be the one to wake up late, rush out the door, feel tired when I get home, then up all night long. I think if I get up earlier, I feel like I can balance my day and prepare for what is to come more pleasantly. I tend to always put too much on my plate so any sort of schedule would be good in my little world.

4.Do a weekly art project with my daughter. Gracey is becoming quite the little artist. I don’t feel like I spend enough time with her because I work and knitting/crocheting takes time…. lots of time! Especially in the winter months when I get a ton of orders,christmas presents, etc. If I set aside one day a week that we work on something, we can get mom/daughter time and practice our artistic ways.

If I can accomplish these goals, I will treat myself to a local yarn shop I have been wanting to visit for a long time now. 🙂 My  birthday is in January so it will be like a birthday present as well. ♥

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Chunky Scarf/Cowl

I have been working on some new designs for my ETSY shop. Here they are! They are scarves with buttons on the bottom for decoration and also they are used to convert your scarf into a cowl/neckwarmer.

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Custom Order

custom cowlI just finished a custom cowl and shipped it to Canada! It is a bit different from my other cowls in my knit shop. This one is made with the same charcoal yarn as my hats (she ordered a hat too). It took quite a bit longer to make but I was very pleased with the end result! 🙂 I may list some more in my shop soon… (more…)

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warmersThe holiday is finally over!!! (I think…) these are the last of purchased gifts from my lovely ETSY customers… 🙂 I don’t think I have ever had to work so hard in my entire life and enjoyed almost every minute of it!! Now I know that maybe I should start my handwarmers in the summer that way when winter comes next year, I will have 40 pairs of handwarmers ready incase I get that many sales again! Keep looking in my shop because I will be putting some new ones up now that I have time to make new ones 🙂

Valentine’s Day will be coming sooner than we probably would like it but when you are ready, check out my love me tenderly knitted items in my shop or get some beautiful jewelry for loved one from my jewelry shop! New items coming soon now that I have almost a month off!!

Happy Holidays!

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