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As I lay on my couch with a terrible sinus infection feeling bad that I am not at work, I also lay her burst full of ideas to the point of exhaustion. Sure I make knit and crochet items, sure I make jewelry occasionally and sell them online, but there are other talents I used to use even more than those…

I used to draw and paint constantly. When I was in highschool, I would do two of every art project because I could do a painting in a day when others would need a week. I really want to start painting and drawing again. Is is silly to open a third ETSY shop?

I also want to open an all green shop. I try new things all the time like making beads out of old newspaper, sewing things from recycled materials, paintings on wood instead of canvas, etc. My dream is to work from home and be the fulltime artist that I kind of already am. So do I really have 4 online shops, a fulltime job, be a mom, and a girlfriend? Probably… 🙂

I’m thinking in the summertime, while Gracey is in school/daycare I can work on my crafts and then when she gets home we can paint together! I have always made time to create so I’m sure it will be fine. During the winter, I’m sure it will be hectic but hopefully I get stocked up through summer. I really believe I will be successful in this and then maybe someday it can be my real job and not just a hobby. It will takes years and planning with lots of hard work but I’m willing to do it… I’m nuts!


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New Stuff


I listed some more handwarmers in my shop today.. you can check them out here. Let me know what you think…


These Green Tea handwarmers are my favorite so far… I got the yarn from dreamymeow. I liked it so much I purchased some more from her today but in a purple color. I can’t wait to see the pretty handwarmers they will make!

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Market bag


This is a bag I made when I was in Longbeach. You can find it in my shop! 🙂

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New Handwarmers


I stayed home today because I wasn’t feeling well.. Last night I had a horrible sore throat so I took some Thera Flu and some Advil PM. I woke up in the middle of the night from my ear hurting.  When I woke up, I still felt terrible so stayed home and laid on the couch. Since I can’t hold still very long, I went in my craft room and got to work on some custom orders and handwarmers with yarn I had purchased from a couple ETSY shops that I have not used yet. I had to finish them on the couch cause I still am not feeling that good but I am improving!  We’ll see how tomorrow treats me…

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gardenMatt built us a garden border this weekend! We finally had a nice weekend to do it so we took advantage. While he was working oh so hard, I started knitting a baby sweater…


entertained Gracey, weeded a little, and snapped shots of Juniper laying in the grass.. so cute!!


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First Tulip!


Matt planted some tulips last fall. Since there is a girl living in the house he can plant “pretty” flowers. We thought we bought a bag of black and white tulip bulbs but look what popped up!


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Out for a hop…

img_1956Yesterday was sunny and dry so I took Juniper out for a hop! She is so adorable and getting bigger. She has already developed such a personality already.. Here are some more photos…


she is so curious!


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