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I know it’s still winter (my favorite season) but I am so in love with white daisies lately. Maybe I will add to my collection to ready myself for spring. I ❤ flowers! Here are some pretty daisy things I absolutely love…

Courtesy of Weheartit.com

I love this whole outfit! So elegant… White is one of my favorites to wear. 🙂

This SUPER cute headband made by TwinkieChan

Courtesy of WeHeartit.com

I’m ready to start the new year with some new ideas and inspiration. What do you love lately? What are your goals?


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merinoI put my spinning wheel to use and made some merino yarn. I had purchased some merino wool (roving) about a month ago from a lady in Seattle. My dad’s birthday was coming up (March 10th) and so I thought I could get some merino (his favorite type of socks), spin it, make some socks, and that would be his birthday gift! I chose this roving cause it was his favorite color blue and had hints of yellow and green.

So here is the finished product… no they are not socks but at least I made it into yarn! 🙂 Eventually I plan to make socks but as for now, I am content with the fact that I took fluff and made it into something. It’s not perfect, but it’s something….

blue merino yarn

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100_03471I made a necklace today with the beads my grandpa bought me in Tubac, AZ. (more…)

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Fall leaf handwarmersI recently listed these beautiful handwarmers (crazyjaneknits.etsy.com) and while taking photos (outside) with a white backdrop, I noticed all the beautiful leaves falling off the trees and I had to stop for a minute just to look at them. Every leaf is different and have their unique shades. I looked at the handwarmers and they had the same exact shades. I played around using leaves and it was successful! Don’t get me wrong I love winter but I will surely miss the fall…. (more…)

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I got 8 custom orders and two sales this weekend on my etsy shop (www.crazyjaneknits.etsy.com)!! I was getting a little overwhelmed but more excited. I am so glad my business is getting better! My fingers are knitting and crocheting their little heart out in between my best friends wedding rehearsal and wedding. Not to mention I am still finishing up moving. Yeah… I’m busy!!

Back to the orders.. I am so happy knowing that people like my stuff and would pay money for it. I am so addicted to knitting and crocheting that I sell my items to support my habit. Also, I get such a rush when I am making something for someone else. 🙂 Whenever I make something for myself, I end up not finishing it or giving it away. To all my customers.. I love you and thank you for stopping by my shop and checking out my blog!


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