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I had plans this evening but am not feeling well at all! 😦 So…. to make myself feel better, I made a necklace. I have enough to make two so I may make another for myself. You can find it here.


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A friend of mine asked if I would make a little bunny for her friend’s daughter. I planned to make the bunny from my book Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli (who is a very sweet lady I might add. I chatted with her a couple years ago about publishing a book)  but couldn’t find it. So… I made my own pattern which in turn pleased me even more because I can keep making them and maybe sell them. Why? because I DON’T STEAL PATTERNS. 🙂

Too many people get their designs ripped off especially if you have an ETSY shop. It’s sad, but it happens. My work is copyrighted but I don’t advertise that. Maybe I should start…

Anyways… back to the bunny… 🙂

I used vintage lambswool and some vintage floral fabric I have been holding on to for awhile. I planned on putting fabric under the ears but wasn’t feeling well today and cut it short. She isn’t perfect but I still love her. Now she will be adopted by a sweet little girl and be named.

We will see what little creature I make tomorrow…

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Vintage Finds.

Today my friend and I came across a little flea market. I found so many great things! Like this bud vase…

A new salad bowl….

A flower pot…

A pair of ceramic earrings…

A floral pair of earrings…

And some new threads. I love old military stuff. 🙂

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Today I bottled my first batch of Kombucha tea. I am so excited to see how it turns out! I bottled half with pureed mango and half just plain. I noticed that I still had a lot of lemons from last week so I juiced 4 lemons, added a couple tablespoons of raw sugar, and filled up the rest of my 2 quart jar with water. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for this warm day. I added some frozen Huckleberries from our harvest last year for an extra little kick! 🙂

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Baby Line…

It’s here! I’m starting a baby line to see how it does. I started with a bikini top…

then a sun cap…

…and then knits hats.

I know there A LOT of baby clothing on Etsy so I won’t go crazy with it but it does feel good to make little mini knits. 🙂

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Today was such a beautiful day! These are my fresh Peony blooms from my back yard. I love flowers! I even made a little bouquet for outside too. 🙂

My outside blooms….

We made some yummy sun tea with honey and lemon…

Matt worked on the garden… We have had so much rain but the snap peas still look like they are surviving!

I got some sun while crocheting and it was so relaxing…

Gracey ran around in the sprinkler, played with her Hula hoop, and jump roped her little heart out…

and then we finished the day off with a bbq and my most favorite popsicles.

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Yesterday I made some Red velvet cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles but it didn’t stop there…

I have been wanting to make these muffins from this cute blog I read all the time. They turned out great! I followed the recipe but added a few of my own touches. 🙂 I put the carrot, apple, and pineapple through my juicer so that it wasn’t chunky. I also added clove.

I made some Vanilla back in January and it is finally ready! It made the perfect touch to the muffins and frosting. I encourage anyone who likes vanilla and has patience to try it.

The muffins (cupcakes) turned out to be so delicious and they aren’t lasting very long so I know they will be made again. 🙂

I have the same button molds from BakeItPretty so I made chocolate buttons for the finishing touch.

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