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My sister and I had another breakfast date today… I spotted this coffee place last week in Buckley and mentioned it to her. It is such a nice coffee shop! When you walk in, there is photography on the walls for sale, beautiful chairs by a fireplace, and it smells so fresh and clean. There are flavor bottles on the tables and some flowers on one.


I asked them how long they have been there and they said they opened about a week ago. I’m so excited there is another coffee shop I like that is close! They serve Cafe D’Arte coffee with Le sirop de MONIN.


I will for sure be coming back hope the business does well!



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Intent Yoga center


I have been doing a lot more yoga lately at the Intent Yoga Center. My body needed it after all that sitting and recovering this summer. My body is also feeling it too! Today was the third day in a row and I am quite sore, but a GOOD sore. I have become so rejuvinated and actually able to get sleep now. I love the instructors and the how different they are. If you haven’t been in yet you should try it out… you’ll love it!


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quick knits club augI joined the Leethal Quick Knits Club this month! I will post the finished product soon. This is what I got in the mail the other day…. so exciting!

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IMG_3731My sister has been telling me about this place in Sumner called Beyond the Bridge Cafe. It’s a little cafe where they sell coffee and bagels. Today we went there for breakfast and I fell in love!  It has books, art, and a piano. A gentleman came in and started playing while we were drinking our espresso.


We looked at their scrapbook of their grand opening and I was so inspired. I love the story of the place and how welcoming it is.


I can’t wait to go back! On fridays they have open mic at 7pm


Definately check this place out if you haven’t already… makes me miss my barista days. Someday I will have a little knit shop/cafe… 🙂


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6768_1208591932608_1162998871_30634264_2955409_nI had the dreaded sinus surgery last monday and all I can say is OUCH! Not fun at all… this picture was taken right when I got home from surgery. The rest of the night was filled pain, pain, some puking, and more pain. The next day I got all the packing taken out of my nose only to come right home, throw everything away from me and sprint to the bathroom to vomit once again.


The good news is I get to knit and drink coffee again, the bad news is I am still very swollen inside which causes me to sound like I’m all plugged up. The doctor gave me some steroids to help with the swelling but so far  all I feel is my heart pounding, cold sweats, and the worst migraine of my life! 

I’m sure everything will get better and I’m sure I will be so glad I got this done, but right now I am regreting every penny spent on this and every ounce of pain I have had to go through…

Sorry to the readers with a weak stomach for such a graphic photo and I apologize for the quality of the photos as well 🙂 (pictures taken from my phone).

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14556NewS_213_20090811003802_GOATSPAULPATTY8_12_20090812My dad and stepmom Patty made it in the Courier Herald today! How exciting!! I get so happy when our community recognizes local farms and businesses… made my heart smile.. you can read the article here..

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