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I know it’s still winter (my favorite season) but I am so in love with white daisies lately. Maybe I will add to my collection to ready myself for spring. I ❤ flowers! Here are some pretty daisy things I absolutely love…

Courtesy of Weheartit.com

I love this whole outfit! So elegant… White is one of my favorites to wear. 🙂

This SUPER cute headband made by TwinkieChan

Courtesy of WeHeartit.com

I’m ready to start the new year with some new ideas and inspiration. What do you love lately? What are your goals?



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(Child’s Fresh Produce in Red Apple)

Why not start the school/fall season with some Fresh Produce? Here is my harvest so far 🙂

(Child’s Fresh Produce Hat in Green Apple)

I had so much fun making these cute little hats. I have a couple more designs that I am working and will probably have them listed (just like a garden) as soon as they are ready.

(Child’s Fresh Produce Hat in Lemon)

They are made with chunky soft yarn so they have plenty of stretch and warmth. These hats fit babies from 6 months-2 years. I can make any size really so if you would like one for your 10 year old, your teen, or yourself, just send me an email or etsy convo and I can whip one up for you.

(Child’s Fresh Produce Hat in Pumpkin)

I might wear a pumpkin for Halloween 🙂 I’m excited to see how everyone likes them. I generally just make adult knit wear but with all my friends having babies, I have been inspired to make a baby line.

What do you think?

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I have been working like a busy little bee lately. Here are some earrings and adjustable rings I made today. Some of the jewelry is made with vintage supplies I have collected over the years.

I love the little cupcakes and yummy frosting earrings 🙂 You can find these in my jewelry shop or if you are in the Washington area, stop by Celebrate Homegrown next Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

What are you doing this weekend?

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I made this pom scarf today. It is soooo soft! I feel like I am wrapped in clouds when I have it on. I have some more scarf ideas up my sleeve that I will be making tonight. I will post photos tomorrow!

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My knitting needles were featured in this How-To post on Etsy.

Thank you ETSY Storque!

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heart boxI got some new boxes for my ETSY customers! Not only are my items made with love, they get sent with love! 🙂 I also just got some really yummy soaps from HeathensHearth to send little gifts with my orders… They are really yummy! I chose the vanilla brown sugar goats milk soap. I really liked it. ETSY customers, let me know what you think.

seahawk handwarmers

I made some “seahawk” themed handwarmers yesterday.. I was watching the game and it dawned on me …. DUH!! Football games are cold!!! 🙂 Why not make them colors of teams! So these are for my seahawk fans…. or if you like neon green and blue…

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merinoI put my spinning wheel to use and made some merino yarn. I had purchased some merino wool (roving) about a month ago from a lady in Seattle. My dad’s birthday was coming up (March 10th) and so I thought I could get some merino (his favorite type of socks), spin it, make some socks, and that would be his birthday gift! I chose this roving cause it was his favorite color blue and had hints of yellow and green.

So here is the finished product… no they are not socks but at least I made it into yarn! 🙂 Eventually I plan to make socks but as for now, I am content with the fact that I took fluff and made it into something. It’s not perfect, but it’s something….

blue merino yarn

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