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Easter is just around the corner…

I’m actually not one to get super excited about holidays because it usually means I’m hosting something or going to a ton of family functions. Most holidays are linked with gifts and I am one to hand make EVERY SINGLE GIFT. Might I add… I have 3 families… 3 sisters, and two brothers. 🙂 I love them all dearly but one can feel a bit overwhelmed or a bit stressed.

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

But for some reason… I a SUPER excited for Easter. 🙂 After the long and busy winter, my move into my new home in the woods, and the recent season change, I feel so inspired. I feel a new energy coming over me and I’m literally exploding inside with positivity. ❤

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

I love spring. It’s the kind of new beginning you are excited for even though you don’t know what the beginning will be. I love the flowers, all the baby animals, everyone seeming to feel a little more in love or new couples meeting. Can you tell I am excited? Oh yeah… and more SUN!

What is your favorite season and/or holiday and why? I would have to say my favorite season is a tie between spring and fall. I don’t really have favorite holiday… maybe Halloween. 🙂  This year though? Easter… Definitely Easter.


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I know it’s still winter (my favorite season) but I am so in love with white daisies lately. Maybe I will add to my collection to ready myself for spring. I ❤ flowers! Here are some pretty daisy things I absolutely love…

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I love this whole outfit! So elegant… White is one of my favorites to wear. 🙂

This SUPER cute headband made by TwinkieChan

Courtesy of WeHeartit.com

I’m ready to start the new year with some new ideas and inspiration. What do you love lately? What are your goals?

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While watering my flowers and garden this morning, I accidentally watered a spider and it’s web. The sun was just peeking over my fence so I ran inside and grabbed my camera.

I hate spiders but I loved how this pic turned out.

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I was born and raised in Washington state and everyday it still amazes me how beautiful this place is. Whether it’s the blue ocean, the green trees, the colorful flowers, the warm Eastern side, or the quirky animals. It will never get old…

Last weekend we loaded into the car to drive over to Naches. We stopped and had lunch, went to a produce stand to get some fruit and garlic (what a combo), then went over to the river for fresh air.

I don’t drink soda but I loved the look of these bottles so of course I took a photo… 🙂

Once we got to the river, we saw these little critters within the first five minutes.



….and then I found some treasures…. like these flowers…

… and this glass…

…and these heart rocks… ♥

It was a really good day but in all reality, everyday here is a good day. I ♥ you Washington.

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Happy Easter

On Wednesday, Gracey Matt and I colored eggs since I knew I wouldn’t be up for it today.. Gracey had lots of fun picking which colors and who got to have the next turn.

I had the duty of writing everyone’s name on each egg including our bunny Jeremiah and our fish Princess 🙂

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because I love the spring when everything comes back to life and the colors are vibrant especially with all the sun and rain we have been having! I have been spoiled and have a lot of flowers to look at inside while my throat recovers…


I have two ceramic rabbits I keep out all year round that remind me of my Nona.. She passed away last year in February and I purchased these shortly after. Now that they are in season again, I snapped a little photo to put in my “Tell your Story” journal. Have a happy Easter everyone! I will post more tomorrow when Gracey finds out what the Easter bunny brought for her… 🙂

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Saturday afternoon

I just got a new job as a para educator and the nearby highschool. It is so nice having weekends off now! I do miss the people I used to work with and the clients I worked with but this job is just right for me and gives me family time as well.

Today is a nice and sunny September day so I picked some calla lily straglers, opened roses, and tanning hydrangea’s to look at on the dinner table one last time before fall comes..  It is my friend Aubrey’s bridal shower today so I made her some zucchini bread (Matt’s favorite recipe) to put in the Acacia wood bread server dish I purchased for her, alone with the recipe written down on a note card. Makes a perfect saturday afternoon… 🙂

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So I started painting again and am dabbling in different things.. I used to paint portraits or abstract. These paintings are all a little different and I thought of them all at the same time ha ha.. Hope you like them!


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