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This morning I started my sunday with a cup of fresh chai tea… I had purchased a 1/2 pound of chai tea from a little shop on Etsy. It is so delicious! I boiled water, scooped some tea, let it brew, steamed some vanilla soy milk, then sprinkled a cinnamon-sugar blend on top of the foam. Afterwards I started making a couple batches of chocolate chip cookies for Matt and Gracey… sounds like spring huh?


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Gerbera DaisyYesterday was officially the first day of Spring Break in Enumclaw. So what happens? We get hit with a snow storm! some spring…

My mom had surgery on her knee and was staying at Jason and Tessa’s. It was Jason’s birthday so I was on my way to Greenwater when highway 410 was closed from a 4 car pile up. So we went around the back road through Mud Mtn. Dam so that we could still get up to Greenwater. We almost got to the end and then there was another head on collision. We waited for about 2 hours for the 2 tow trucks, 4 ambulances, a fire truck, and 2 policemen try to get the 2 injured people out of the cars and in an ambulance.

It was kind of comical to see the paramedics slipping and the fact that they kept switching the people in stretchers in the snow to different ambulances. Then after they got it all figured out, the ambulances kept getting stuck.

Eventually we got out and headed up to Greenwater. Tessa made a delicious dinner with the best birthday cake. Mike broke his Wii and Gracey fell asleep on the couch and peed the couch..

It was a different beginning of Spring Break but it was a good one. The bunny didn’t freeze and it’s blue skies today…



mom's flowers

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I got Juniper the yesterday along with her hutch. I’m so excited to have a pet again! She already enjoys the backyard (before it started to snow) and started following me around.

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rovingI’m having sort of a lazy weekend this weekend… Yesterday I cleaned Gracey’s room and it took me 2 hours!! Man that girl can dirty up a room.. Today I am spinning wool. I spun some alpaca when I first woke up. It turned out really nice! It was a combination between two different colors of undyed roving I had purchased from an alpaca farmer just down the road from my dad. I think I will call it chocolate swirl because the two colors were a dark chocolate brown and a light honey color.

Afterwards, I started spinning some corriedale wool that I had dyed a month or so ago. I had dyed it with blues and purples so it would look like tie dye. When I started spinning it, the different colors started making a swirly stripe pattern! I am very pleased with it. 🙂 I may sell them in my shop but I want to see how the final product looks first.

blue yarn

I started dying some more yarn cause it was sad to see the pretty fluff go.. so I made some similar roving but more purple. I plan to make a yarn with purples and then an orangey pink color mixed with gold tinsel. I have always loved the India colors and so I want to make a yarn with those colors. I’m not sure what I will make with the yarn but it’s good practice and I’m enjoying making it.

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merinoI put my spinning wheel to use and made some merino yarn. I had purchased some merino wool (roving) about a month ago from a lady in Seattle. My dad’s birthday was coming up (March 10th) and so I thought I could get some merino (his favorite type of socks), spin it, make some socks, and that would be his birthday gift! I chose this roving cause it was his favorite color blue and had hints of yellow and green.

So here is the finished product… no they are not socks but at least I made it into yarn! 🙂 Eventually I plan to make socks but as for now, I am content with the fact that I took fluff and made it into something. It’s not perfect, but it’s something….

blue merino yarn

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Gracey being a frog

Gracey pulled out her frog suit and decided she would even sleep with it tonight. We had a nice and calm St. Patty’s Day. Gracey had chicken nuggets and colored, Matt had a BLC (bacon, lettuce, and cheddar), and I was lucky that I didn’t have a fever anymore.. we will work on meals tomorrow…

Matt helped me with some yarn winding. I swear he loves that thing more than I do! Then Gracey and I finished the night with a frog photo shoot and some American Idol. Now everyone is tucked into to bed and our St. Patty’s Day is over…

OH! Gracey informed that my hair can’t be red on “Patrick’s day” cause I will look like a leprechaun and I’m not a leprechaun.. I thought it was cute..


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Playing With Fire…

nose ringI have been playing around with sterling silver and made some earrings. My friend Shantel came over and was talking about how her nose ring was bugging her cause it wasn’t real silver. I thought.. AH HA!! Here.. she tried my earring but it was a little too long. After a little snip snip here and polish there… viola~

check my jewelry shop for some more..

shantel nose ring

nose ring

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