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(Child’s Fresh Produce in Red Apple)

Why not start the school/fall season with some Fresh Produce? Here is my harvest so far 🙂

(Child’s Fresh Produce Hat in Green Apple)

I had so much fun making these cute little hats. I have a couple more designs that I am working and will probably have them listed (just like a garden) as soon as they are ready.

(Child’s Fresh Produce Hat in Lemon)

They are made with chunky soft yarn so they have plenty of stretch and warmth. These hats fit babies from 6 months-2 years. I can make any size really so if you would like one for your 10 year old, your teen, or yourself, just send me an email or etsy convo and I can whip one up for you.

(Child’s Fresh Produce Hat in Pumpkin)

I might wear a pumpkin for Halloween 🙂 I’m excited to see how everyone likes them. I generally just make adult knit wear but with all my friends having babies, I have been inspired to make a baby line.

What do you think?


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While watering my flowers and garden this morning, I accidentally watered a spider and it’s web. The sun was just peeking over my fence so I ran inside and grabbed my camera.

I hate spiders but I loved how this pic turned out.

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Here are some reasons why I love September……


It gets cooler outside so all the more reason to drink yummy lattes. I am an americano girl but sometimes I treat myself to a pumpkin latte in a mug so feel extra cozy when fall comes.


Wearing red lipstick. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I love red lipstick in the fall. It’s a pretty splash of color to go will all of the golden/brown tones.


Watching the leaves change colors. I have huge maple tree like this so I get to watch it daily in the fall. So pretty…


Building a fire to stay warm….


Wearing mittens. I love the color combo in this photo!


I LOVE all of the military inspired clothing this coming fall! I am a green girl and I love hints of red. I have I don’t know how many vintage military clothing items. Some I wear, some I keep to make into something new. Just love it!


…and of course, I love harvesting season. My garden is almost done but I love it when there are pumpkin patches all around my small town, neighbors trading their produce, last minute canning…

I will be enjoying my last two weeks of summer. It’s always sad to say goodbye to those sun rays but I will gladly welcome the morning frost and fall colors in September.

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I decided to jump on Elsie’s 4 simple goals bandwagon.

Here are my goals before 2011…

1. Blog more. I plan to blog every other day. I feel so accomplished when I write a blog so why not always feel accomplished?  I plan to host giveaways from fellow Etsy sellers, post weekly blogs of things I’m interested or inspired by lately. 

2.Drink more water. Okay, I admit that drink WAY too much coffee. I plan to drink more water, tea, etc. I don’t drink soda so I’m good in that department. 🙂 

3.Wakeup earlier. I will be going back to work in a couple weeks. I tend to be the one to wake up late, rush out the door, feel tired when I get home, then up all night long. I think if I get up earlier, I feel like I can balance my day and prepare for what is to come more pleasantly. I tend to always put too much on my plate so any sort of schedule would be good in my little world.

4.Do a weekly art project with my daughter. Gracey is becoming quite the little artist. I don’t feel like I spend enough time with her because I work and knitting/crocheting takes time…. lots of time! Especially in the winter months when I get a ton of orders,christmas presents, etc. If I set aside one day a week that we work on something, we can get mom/daughter time and practice our artistic ways.

If I can accomplish these goals, I will treat myself to a local yarn shop I have been wanting to visit for a long time now. 🙂 My  birthday is in January so it will be like a birthday present as well. ♥

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The fair was fun. My sister and I had a blast eating power bars, coffee, and pixie stix (Nicole). We played card games and listened to music. The weather was perfect (hot), and there was a vendor that had everything from his garden. I got this yummy mint lemonade.

My sister sported my headbands all weekend…

I made some new “fresh produce” hats in apple, lemon, and pumpkin. You can find them in my shop later today. 🙂

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Last night I made some cute little owls. They are made with vintage buttons that I have collected over the years. Time to start putting them to good use!

You can find these at Celebrate Homegrown. They are each one-of-a-kind. My favorite is the red one with strawberry buttons. I’m thinking about naming them… any ideas?

I also made another “sweatshirt” bag. This one is made with vintage sweatshirt fleece and “wood” heart. This is the 2nd bag in this collection. I can’t wait to see the finished product of my others… stay tuned!!!

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I have been working like a busy little bee lately. Here are some earrings and adjustable rings I made today. Some of the jewelry is made with vintage supplies I have collected over the years.

I love the little cupcakes and yummy frosting earrings 🙂 You can find these in my jewelry shop or if you are in the Washington area, stop by Celebrate Homegrown next Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

What are you doing this weekend?

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