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Now that Spring is here and the flowers are blooming, my ideas have been blooming as well. I have been working on a TON of new items, projects, recipes, etc. It probably doesn’t help that I am home recovering from a Tonsellectomy and Pain meds jack me up instead of make me sleepy…

So here it is… The First beret of the Spring/Summer collection! The berets are made light and lace meets granny square type of style. 🙂 I will be tweaking the pattern and maybe making a couple other designs as well. This red beret is wool and made with vintage yarn that I got from a local hat shop. The yarn is in perfect condition and extremely vibrant!

These are the wool colors I have available…

I will also be listing some berets in an eco-friendly yarn, acrylic, cotton, and different blends as well. I hope everyone is as excited as I am! 🙂


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Red Balloons

Matt had to go back to work today so my friend Chad came to keep me company and make sure I don’t forget to take my meds. He walked in the door with 11 (my favorite number) red balloons! I have been wanting red balloons for awhile now. How thoughtful… 🙂 It’s like little balls of sunshine and childhood happiness in the room haha..

Attached to the balloons was another case of red Gatorade. I am pretty much living on Red Gatorade so one could imagine how I felt last night when I realized I was down to my last bottle.

The weather is beautiful and I may try to leave my couch for a short moment, but until then, I shall watch Monty Python with my Chadliest of Chadleys 🙂

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Happy Easter

On Wednesday, Gracey Matt and I colored eggs since I knew I wouldn’t be up for it today.. Gracey had lots of fun picking which colors and who got to have the next turn.

I had the duty of writing everyone’s name on each egg including our bunny Jeremiah and our fish Princess 🙂

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because I love the spring when everything comes back to life and the colors are vibrant especially with all the sun and rain we have been having! I have been spoiled and have a lot of flowers to look at inside while my throat recovers…


I have two ceramic rabbits I keep out all year round that remind me of my Nona.. She passed away last year in February and I purchased these shortly after. Now that they are in season again, I snapped a little photo to put in my “Tell your Story” journal. Have a happy Easter everyone! I will post more tomorrow when Gracey finds out what the Easter bunny brought for her… 🙂

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I had been saving up money for my Tonsillectomy up until a week before. I called my insurance, the dr, the hospital, and they said I only had a $100 co-pay and everything else was covered!! Yay!! So I treated myself to two things I had really been wanting for quite sometime and they would keep me company during my couch vacation. I got these headphones. I originally wanted a seafoam color and thought these were it but I was deceived.. 😦 I still like them. Green is one of my favorite colors so I wasnt too disheartened. 🙂

My next purchase was this HP Mini Notebook. I keep calling it my baby laptop. 🙂 It’s so petite and shiny! I want to it everywhere I go!!  Now that I have this little contraption by my side, I shouldn’t any more excuses as to why I keep neglecting my blog..

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Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

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I recently signed up for this art class. I’m really excited about it! It starts April 25th and is a 6 week class.

I have been getting back into painting and drawing again in hopes that a coffee shop with take my work 🙂 I started out with drawing when I was younger and told everyone I would become an author and an illustrator when I grow up. After highschool, I dabbled in ceramics, jewelry, and then yarn… boy have I become obsessed with yarn!

Now that spring has sprung, it is the perfect opportunity for me to get back into my original talent. I purchased some wood canvas. I will be making my own but wanted some ready made to really get started. My first piece so far is a woman and her suitcase. I have a plan to put a line out of some animals and vintage items that will come with a matching plushie. I don’t want to reveal too much so it doesn’t spoil the suprise. I also have been fooling around with a new mitten pattern that matches a small painting I did last month. I love tying things together.

Anyways! I thought this class would give me a perfect jumpstart into my creativity (not that I need anymore ideas). You should check it out or join the class with me! It is a scrabook journaling type class with a new blog post everyday (7 days a week for 6weeks) of ideas that Elsie and Rachel have come up with. Since I already paid for my class, I got the link to the two bonus pages to work on until the class starts…

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