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This morning was chilly and dark like it has been the past week or so. I usually drink my coffee black but this month I have been putting a little sugar and milk to sweeten it up a bit. Well.. the other day I ran out of sugar so I was thinking what concoction I could come up with. This morning was really hard for me to wake up so I wanted to make something extra special to brighten my day. I put some brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, a splash of vanilla, and a splash of milk. Oh! It was so delicious! It was like a little warm treat that I wished would never run out. It sort of reminds me of a hot buttered rum. I love the fall and I love winter but the transition is always hard on me. This wonderful cuppa joe made my day! Let me know if you try it… tell me what you think.


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Nevada Sky

I got to meet Nevada Sky Wyatt today! She was so beautiful and so tiny!! It’s amazing how someone can create a life. I can’t wait to watch her grow. I had forgotten how tiny babies hands and feet are. She wore the hat I made her. I wasn’t sure if it would fit but it did. I can’t wait to go see her again!!

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Today I am going to visit my friend Natalie. She just a had a little baby girl on the 16th. I made Nevada a little hat with some of my natural hand spun and hand dyed cotton yarn. It was fun to crochet again but I should be packing as I am not even halfway moved out my cabin and I have to be out the 1st of October. I can help my yarn addiction though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I finished the hat I was looking at my little collection and wanted to take a picture of it. Hope you like it. Let me know there is a color that interests you….

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Matt and I went berry picking again and it was a success!! Our friends Griff & Lil joined us and each couple left with four gallons of blue/huckleberries per couple. We were worried because of the late start this year but they ripened just in time! The past two days we have taken turns cleaning,ย  de-stemming the berries, and putting them in freezer bags. I have made smoothies the past couple of days and they are sooo yummy. Next year we hope to get more but you just never know what the weather do. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Here are some photos of us on a huge rock that we climbed up. It was on a cliff so one side you climb up and it’s fine but you look down the other side and it’s a long way down!! I got an eye level view of Mt. Rainier but I need a better camera..

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Crochet Necklace

I just listed a crochet necklace in my etsy shop. The yarn is hand dyed, hand spun, cotton yarn. The color of the necklace is pumpkin. I enjoyed making it! Look for more at my shop… www.crazyjaneknits.etsy.com

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Saturday afternoon

I just got a new job as a para educator and the nearby highschool. It is so nice having weekends off now! I do miss the people I used to work with and the clients I worked with but this job is just right for me and gives me family time as well.

Today is a nice and sunny September day so I picked some calla lily straglers, opened roses, and tanning hydrangea’s to look at on the dinner table one last time before fall comes..ย  It is my friend Aubrey’s bridal shower today so I made her some zucchini bread (Matt’s favorite recipe) to put in the Acacia wood bread server dish I purchased for her, alone with the recipe written down on a note card. Makes a perfect saturday afternoon… ๐Ÿ™‚

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Apple Cozy

Fall is coming faster than I would like… Fall is my favorite season but I was enjoying the summertime as well. I keep seeing all those kids school clothes shopping and all those stores with school supplies all neatly displayed. I kept thinking of apples and how I could incorporate it in my knitting shop. Then TING! APPLE COZIES!!! You know, those silly little things you put your apple in to keep it from bruising and they make them look oh so cute? Well I rounded up some natural cotton yarn (for extra softness) and made one. I will be listing them on my etsy site. I will have a natural cotton line and a funky colored line. They are great gifts, great for teachers with their apples sitting nicely on there desk, great kids especially in their backpack, and awesome for those working peoples who like to look at something nice and don’t forget about those ladies with their giant purses and always on the go.. this will make your apple pretty and it won’t get bruised in your coach bag!

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