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It’s a leaf!

leaf ring

My ring just came!! I traded with this great Etsy Seller. This ring is cast from a real leaf. It feels so smooth and light on my finger. It’s perfect! I love it! Thank you so much TadashiKoizumi!



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more stuff..


Here are some more pieces I made today….


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IMG_3328I made a new necklace last night to put in a local spa here in town. It’s fun makingĀ  jewelry again (but forgot how messy it is). Will post more as they are made..

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Sorry it’s been so long since my last post… I have been EXTREMELY busy and then EXTREMELY lazy for awhile. So I will give you my June recap…

This photo was taken in the beginning of June. Gracey was outside and while i was picking some clover for the the bunny, Gracey tore a leaf off and said, “look Mama, a butterfly!”

Today is my 1st day of “summer vacation”! It’s nice working for a school. I get the benefit of working with students, get a paycheck, and still have time for family, making jewelry, knitting, and resting. Let’s see… what else happened this month… Oh! My neighbor was giving away her last Cha-weenie puppy. I wanted her but Matt says,”If you get a dog, you get to pay the mortgage too,” so… I gave her to my aunt so that I can see her all the time..

I made her a little puppy blankey!! …I know, I’m silly but it’s cute. I stopped by The Wild Rose in Orting and fell in love! It is the cutest little quilt/fabric shop. I promised myself I would only look and ended up walking out with Amy Butler fabric and some flannel fabric for little Frankie B. I will post another puppy blanket on my Etsy shop when I get all the photos for it..
My garden is growing!! So exciting! But I will need to get a play pen or something for bunny so she doesn’t eat my future food..
It looks like someone or something snuck a little nibble on my lettuce…

Cody graduated!! I’m so proud of him! Boy was that a tear jerker… I’m such a softy…

I went to Wenatchee last weekend to visit Shantel and Luke. Had fun drinking margarita’s, looking at new plugs, playing with Sage, and teaching Shantel to make a hemp collar so Sage doesn’t go to the pound again.. šŸ˜¦

>Shantel and Sage

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