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Deadwood Lake

Dead wood Lake

Matt and I took a little hike on sunday to spend some time with each other. He has been working 6 days a week and late hours. So really it’s like we are room mate’s rather than a couple. So… we have been making time for “us” time and this was the perfect day!

We started early so that we wouldn’t get too hot. It was a nice little hike just right for my out of shape self 🙂 When we got to the lake there were frogs jumping and birds bathing in the lake. We set our stuff down and started fishing. The fish were huge! But they were smarter than us. So.. we moved on to the next lake where we still had no luck with the fishies… so we took a dip… and got eaten alive by bugs.

When we were ready to go, we expected the same 45-50 min hike back over the hill… that is until we figured out that we were on the goat trails. We got all the way to the top then had to go back down to find the right trail. By then it was 75-80 degrees so you imagine fun that was. We made to the other side safely and it felt so good to get out. I would like to do it again but I will be having sinus surgery on Monday so we will see how the rest of the summer goes…

Matt fishing

me getting eaten alive

…and I’m sure you can guess what I brought along in my pack… here is my next tank top

Spidery Tank


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I’m still here… I have been without my camera for over a month now and it makes me sad.. My charger is in Wenatchee but should be in the mail soon. I have been making some hats, tending to my garden, and preparing myself for sinus surgery… Yuck! Stay tuned, I’m getting ready to make a knit tank top! I found the pattern in the Summer 2009 Interweave Knits magazine. I can’t wait to try it out.. wish me luck!

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4th of July

Tyler Southworth

Hope everyones 4th was a safe and fun one. We went over to Griff and Lil’s for a bbq and watch Tyler try to set everyone on fire. 🙂 Gracey lit off some roman candles while I secretly had a heart attack. Matt made a blueberry cheesecake and tit was a hit! Good job Matt! Gracey fell asleep and we went home. Matt and I sat outside and watched all the fireworks in our neighborhood. I held the bunny in a towel and under my quilt so she didn’t freak out from all the booms.

It was nice to get out. I have been cooped up since tuesday and hadn’t realized how nice the weather really was. It hurt my face a little but it was well worth it. Happy 4th of July!

Gracey and Lillian

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buffingMatt is buffing the front porch today to repaint it. I told him a month ago that it would be my summer project but will my surgeries and working this summer, I don’t know where I would squeeze it in… He is so helpful! My brother Kalvin and sister Gina are here hanging out today while I veg on the couch. I think I am healing but I don’t feel like it. Last night I took a pain pill at midnight and didn’t again until 6am this morning. Now I am sore and throbby. 😦


Gina is being such a big helper with Matt! Kalvin and I are watching Shark Tale 🙂


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I got my wisdom teeth taken out today.. I was so nervous because I had never been put out or been worked on before. I kept thinking I would wake up in panic with so much pain but Ididn’t :)….thank god! I ‘m a big baby and don’t want to be in pain.

Waiting in the room with gas and oxygen attached to my face was kind of funny. I would stare at the chain with the IV bag hanging from it. The nurse would come in to check on me and another nurse would walk by and close the door until it was cracked cause the previus nurse would leave it wide open. I stared at the clock from 10:25 until 10:45.  My fingers got a little tingley but that was it. I kept thinking, “I hope this isn’t all they are using..” The doctor came in and put in the IV. He then told me how he would give me something to make me go to sleep and an anti-inflammatory that may make me itch. I said, “Okay,” then I was waiting for it to itch and the nurse said, “Okay Heather, are you ready to stand up?” I was done!! I sat in the recovery room with a pillow behind me. I was still attached to the annoying heart monitor. I was looking at a package in the window but the words were blurry. They would go in and out of focus and I thought it was funny how it was so amusing.


Now I am at home icing, laying down, and trying to stay ahead of the medication. My sister Jacki brought me a McDonalds dipped cone. It was sooooooo good but it stung :/ It was hard to eat, I just wanted to scarf it down but it hurt too bad. Maybe later I will try to conquer some raspberry JELLO.

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