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New Logo

This my new stamp for my Etsy products. I had fun with it and can’t wait to stamp things with it!!


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Being the coffee addict that I am, I do end up with a lot of paper coffee bags. i have been trying to think of ways I can make packaging from stuff laying around the house. I want to make my ETSY packages eco-friendly, inspiring, cheap, and creative. I cut down the side of this coffee bag down to the bottom then cut the bottom square out (similar to when you cut a brown paper bag). I then wiped down the inside of the bag with a damp cloth to get any leftover coffee debris. What’s great about coffee bags is the inside is lined with plastic which makes the paper more durable and also protects the goodies soon to be inside! I folded the bag in half, then cut and inch or so off the top of one side. Last I sewed it together and tada!! I made a package ready to be filled and it was free!! Cheers to me… Now I will looking around for more package potential items… wish me luck!

Oh! and I like how the bag says handcrafted on it 😉

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Leg Warmers..

I made a pair of legwarmers for my friend’s love bug costume. They turned out so cute! I will be making more in stripes and solids to post in my shop www.crazyjaneknits.etsy.com

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Custom fingerless gloves..

I have been patiently working on these beautiful fingerless gloves. They are very time consuming (like socks) but I will be very pleased with the end result. They remind me of fall even though the color has the name spring in it. The color goes so well with reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Very pretty…

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Custom Handwarmers

These were a custom order for a lady on ETSY. I was very happy with the way they turned out. I have another pair (a little shorter) that I will be posting in my shop www.crazyjaneknits.etsy.com 

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Last night I made an apple cozy while watching tv. I received my order of cotton yarn in various yummy colors about a week ago and was ready to start knitting away. I love the look of this yarn! It has a soft fade look to it and I have been such a big fan of grey lately (Okay I am obsessed with grey). You can find this cozy in my shop www.crazyjaneknits.etsy.com This morning I started on a lime green and yellow cozy but haven’t taken photos of it yet.

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I got 8 custom orders and two sales this weekend on my etsy shop (www.crazyjaneknits.etsy.com)!! I was getting a little overwhelmed but more excited. I am so glad my business is getting better! My fingers are knitting and crocheting their little heart out in between my best friends wedding rehearsal and wedding. Not to mention I am still finishing up moving. Yeah… I’m busy!!

Back to the orders.. I am so happy knowing that people like my stuff and would pay money for it. I am so addicted to knitting and crocheting that I sell my items to support my habit. Also, I get such a rush when I am making something for someone else. 🙂 Whenever I make something for myself, I end up not finishing it or giving it away. To all my customers.. I love you and thank you for stopping by my shop and checking out my blog!


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