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I know it’s still winter (my favorite season) but I am so in love with white daisies lately. Maybe I will add to my collection to ready myself for spring. I ❤ flowers! Here are some pretty daisy things I absolutely love…

Courtesy of Weheartit.com

I love this whole outfit! So elegant… White is one of my favorites to wear. 🙂

This SUPER cute headband made by TwinkieChan

Courtesy of WeHeartit.com

I’m ready to start the new year with some new ideas and inspiration. What do you love lately? What are your goals?


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Whew! December is almost over… and to be honest, I think I’m glad. I really overdid it this year. I took on way too much to see if I could really do it but I guess it’s not always like the movies and sometimes one can only do so much. :/ I got a lot of wholesale orders through Etsy which was so amazing but the downfall of it was that it made ALL other orders this winter late. I had some angry customers and some nice ones (thank you!) Overall, it was a learning experience. By taking on a bunch of orders, I ended having to give refunds, rush shipping, etc, etc, etc, rather than make extra money. Oh well… you win some, you lose some.. 🙂 I had some medical emergencies that pushed back everything even more. All the while, I still hosted THREE different Christmas celebrations at my house and still tried to maintain a normal life. Many sleepless nights (up doing orders) and now I’m down to the last of my orders and still trying to play catch-up with my not so happy emails.

I still have dial-up internet (I live in the middle of nowhere) so I am rarely online. If you get an email from me it is because I sent it with my phone while looking like a contortionist looking for service.

I plan to do MANY MANY more blog posts in the new year and to only post ‘ready-made’ items in my Etsy shop because I learned the hard way that you never what the future holds and yes folks, there is such thing as putting too much on your plate.

I wish the happiest New Year to everyone and thank you to all my customers that were so patient and understanding.

Much ❤


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