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Easter is just around the corner…

I’m actually not one to get super excited about holidays because it usually means I’m hosting something or going to a ton of family functions. Most holidays are linked with gifts and I am one to hand make EVERY SINGLE GIFT. Might I add… I have 3 families… 3 sisters, and two brothers. 🙂 I love them all dearly but one can feel a bit overwhelmed or a bit stressed.

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But for some reason… I a SUPER excited for Easter. 🙂 After the long and busy winter, my move into my new home in the woods, and the recent season change, I feel so inspired. I feel a new energy coming over me and I’m literally exploding inside with positivity. ❤

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I love spring. It’s the kind of new beginning you are excited for even though you don’t know what the beginning will be. I love the flowers, all the baby animals, everyone seeming to feel a little more in love or new couples meeting. Can you tell I am excited? Oh yeah… and more SUN!

What is your favorite season and/or holiday and why? I would have to say my favorite season is a tie between spring and fall. I don’t really have favorite holiday… maybe Halloween. 🙂  This year though? Easter… Definitely Easter.


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Easter Sale!!!

Check out my shop and see the new sale I am having!! It’s a 4 pack of headbands (3 strand and chunk ysingle strand) for the price of 3!! Perfect for the Easter basket, birthday gift, or to add to you Spring 2011 hair accessory collection. 🙂

Happy Spring!!


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I decided to jump on Elsie’s 4 simple goals bandwagon.

Here are my goals before 2011…

1. Blog more. I plan to blog every other day. I feel so accomplished when I write a blog so why not always feel accomplished?  I plan to host giveaways from fellow Etsy sellers, post weekly blogs of things I’m interested or inspired by lately. 

2.Drink more water. Okay, I admit that drink WAY too much coffee. I plan to drink more water, tea, etc. I don’t drink soda so I’m good in that department. 🙂 

3.Wakeup earlier. I will be going back to work in a couple weeks. I tend to be the one to wake up late, rush out the door, feel tired when I get home, then up all night long. I think if I get up earlier, I feel like I can balance my day and prepare for what is to come more pleasantly. I tend to always put too much on my plate so any sort of schedule would be good in my little world.

4.Do a weekly art project with my daughter. Gracey is becoming quite the little artist. I don’t feel like I spend enough time with her because I work and knitting/crocheting takes time…. lots of time! Especially in the winter months when I get a ton of orders,christmas presents, etc. If I set aside one day a week that we work on something, we can get mom/daughter time and practice our artistic ways.

If I can accomplish these goals, I will treat myself to a local yarn shop I have been wanting to visit for a long time now. 🙂 My  birthday is in January so it will be like a birthday present as well. ♥

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