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6768_1208591932608_1162998871_30634264_2955409_nI had the dreaded sinus surgery last monday and all I can say is OUCH! Not fun at all… this picture was taken right when I got home from surgery. The rest of the night was filled pain, pain, some puking, and more pain. The next day I got all the packing taken out of my nose only to come right home, throw everything away from me and sprint to the bathroom to vomit once again.


The good news is I get to knit and drink coffee again, the bad news is I am still very swollen inside which causes me to sound like I’m all plugged up. The doctor gave me some steroids to help with the swelling but so far  all I feel is my heart pounding, cold sweats, and the worst migraine of my life! 

I’m sure everything will get better and I’m sure I will be so glad I got this done, but right now I am regreting every penny spent on this and every ounce of pain I have had to go through…

Sorry to the readers with a weak stomach for such a graphic photo and I apologize for the quality of the photos as well 🙂 (pictures taken from my phone).


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I got my wisdom teeth taken out today.. I was so nervous because I had never been put out or been worked on before. I kept thinking I would wake up in panic with so much pain but Ididn’t :)….thank god! I ‘m a big baby and don’t want to be in pain.

Waiting in the room with gas and oxygen attached to my face was kind of funny. I would stare at the chain with the IV bag hanging from it. The nurse would come in to check on me and another nurse would walk by and close the door until it was cracked cause the previus nurse would leave it wide open. I stared at the clock from 10:25 until 10:45.  My fingers got a little tingley but that was it. I kept thinking, “I hope this isn’t all they are using..” The doctor came in and put in the IV. He then told me how he would give me something to make me go to sleep and an anti-inflammatory that may make me itch. I said, “Okay,” then I was waiting for it to itch and the nurse said, “Okay Heather, are you ready to stand up?” I was done!! I sat in the recovery room with a pillow behind me. I was still attached to the annoying heart monitor. I was looking at a package in the window but the words were blurry. They would go in and out of focus and I thought it was funny how it was so amusing.


Now I am at home icing, laying down, and trying to stay ahead of the medication. My sister Jacki brought me a McDonalds dipped cone. It was sooooooo good but it stung :/ It was hard to eat, I just wanted to scarf it down but it hurt too bad. Maybe later I will try to conquer some raspberry JELLO.

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Gerbera DaisyYesterday was officially the first day of Spring Break in Enumclaw. So what happens? We get hit with a snow storm! some spring…

My mom had surgery on her knee and was staying at Jason and Tessa’s. It was Jason’s birthday so I was on my way to Greenwater when highway 410 was closed from a 4 car pile up. So we went around the back road through Mud Mtn. Dam so that we could still get up to Greenwater. We almost got to the end and then there was another head on collision. We waited for about 2 hours for the 2 tow trucks, 4 ambulances, a fire truck, and 2 policemen try to get the 2 injured people out of the cars and in an ambulance.

It was kind of comical to see the paramedics slipping and the fact that they kept switching the people in stretchers in the snow to different ambulances. Then after they got it all figured out, the ambulances kept getting stuck.

Eventually we got out and headed up to Greenwater. Tessa made a delicious dinner with the best birthday cake. Mike broke his Wii and Gracey fell asleep on the couch and peed the couch..

It was a different beginning of Spring Break but it was a good one. The bunny didn’t freeze and it’s blue skies today…



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