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IMG_3731My sister has been telling me about this place in Sumner called Beyond the Bridge Cafe. It’s a little cafe where they sell coffee and bagels. Today we went there for breakfast and I fell in love!  It has books, art, and a piano. A gentleman came in and started playing while we were drinking our espresso.


We looked at their scrapbook of their grand opening and I was so inspired. I love the story of the place and how welcoming it is.


I can’t wait to go back! On fridays they have open mic at 7pm


Definately check this place out if you haven’t already… makes me miss my barista days. Someday I will have a little knit shop/cafe… 🙂



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Craft and camp

I recently went to the Jack Johnson concert at the Gorge Ampitheatre. While waiting to get in, I made a small purse to carry my phone, camera, money, and id. It’s funny how I can’t go anywhere without doing some sort of craft…

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