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Easter is coming soon and for those of you who like to make a custom basket for your loved one (or yourself), here are some cute things I stumbled upon and would like to share…

photo courtesy of Berkleyillustration

Here is a cute photo by Berkleyillustration. I personally have the Wolf one 🙂 Great for a kid or kid at heart…

Photo courtesy of Sleepyking

These cute stuffed animals are always a favorite of mine by SleepyKing

Photo Courtesy of Poorpitifulpearl

This adorable little unisex patchwork vest by Poor Pitiful Pearl

photo courtesy of redvelvetart

I am IN LOVE with velvet turban at Redvelvetart.com!

You can snag any 4 headbands for the price of 3 in my shop from now until Easter…

photo courtesy of Giantdwarf

and this lovely Turbeaux Headband by GiantDwarf.


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We had our 3rd Annual christmas at my house yesterday with the Goffe’s. They live in AZ when it get’s cold outside so we have an early  christmas before they go.

Of course, the joy of hosting any party, there are always little “uh oh’s” that come your way…

First off, the tree was only lit and had no decorations. It ended up being okay but one can get a little stressed when everything isn’t done. 🙂

Second, the rotisserie rod broke in half while cooking the prime rib and Matt’s welder was in Greenwater (half hour away) so thank god for my jewelry torch! Matt got it fixed in no time. I wasn’t too worried about that incident because the previous year, the prime rib burst into flames and we had to rush to the store to get a new one…

and Third…. while boiling potatoes, I was feeling like I needed to boil them in a hurry (I don’t know why) so I was stirring them with a tablespoon. Note to self.. while stirring boiling water with big lumpy things that float in the water. DO NOT stir in circular movements or poke at the floaty things. If  you do, water will splash on your sweater and burn your arm making a heart shaped blister.

Other than the little set-backs, the day went well. The prime rib turned out great. I found out only 75% of the group likes broccoli, and everyone likes fully loaded mashed potatoes.

Gracey got her fair share of gifts, we all ended up in the big box at the end of the night, Matt drank 3 pots of coffee to himself, and I ended up getting my 2009 Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Ornament. I have 4 now and they are so beautiful. Someday I hope to have a full tree of beautiful crystals sparkling in my L.E.D.’s 🙂 There are more pictures on my Flickr if you want to get a glimpse of the whole day.

Now I’m off to watch Julie & Julia (again) while making, packaging, and wrapping my Etsy orders… ‘Tis the Season!

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