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I have been busy at work this week trying to make all my ideas a reality. 🙂  Here are some new headbands I made the other day. You can find them in my Etsy shop




also… I have been working some Flower hair clips (that I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with).  I will be doing a street fair and possibly a bazaar this May and June. You will find these there… I originally made some for myself but I have made over 50 so far. I’m not so sure I need that many. ❤


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The fair was fun. My sister and I had a blast eating power bars, coffee, and pixie stix (Nicole). We played card games and listened to music. The weather was perfect (hot), and there was a vendor that had everything from his garden. I got this yummy mint lemonade.

My sister sported my headbands all weekend…

I made some new “fresh produce” hats in apple, lemon, and pumpkin. You can find them in my shop later today. 🙂

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I have been working like a busy little bee lately. Here are some earrings and adjustable rings I made today. Some of the jewelry is made with vintage supplies I have collected over the years.

I love the little cupcakes and yummy frosting earrings 🙂 You can find these in my jewelry shop or if you are in the Washington area, stop by Celebrate Homegrown next Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

What are you doing this weekend?

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I made this pom scarf today. It is soooo soft! I feel like I am wrapped in clouds when I have it on. I have some more scarf ideas up my sleeve that I will be making tonight. I will post photos tomorrow!

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I had plans this evening but am not feeling well at all! 😦 So…. to make myself feel better, I made a necklace. I have enough to make two so I may make another for myself. You can find it here.

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