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Easter is just around the corner…

I’m actually not one to get super excited about holidays because it usually means I’m hosting something or going to a ton of family functions. Most holidays are linked with gifts and I am one to hand make EVERY SINGLE GIFT. Might I add… I have 3 families… 3 sisters, and two brothers. 🙂 I love them all dearly but one can feel a bit overwhelmed or a bit stressed.

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

But for some reason… I a SUPER excited for Easter. 🙂 After the long and busy winter, my move into my new home in the woods, and the recent season change, I feel so inspired. I feel a new energy coming over me and I’m literally exploding inside with positivity. ❤

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

I love spring. It’s the kind of new beginning you are excited for even though you don’t know what the beginning will be. I love the flowers, all the baby animals, everyone seeming to feel a little more in love or new couples meeting. Can you tell I am excited? Oh yeah… and more SUN!

What is your favorite season and/or holiday and why? I would have to say my favorite season is a tie between spring and fall. I don’t really have favorite holiday… maybe Halloween. 🙂  This year though? Easter… Definitely Easter.


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Happy Easter

On Wednesday, Gracey Matt and I colored eggs since I knew I wouldn’t be up for it today.. Gracey had lots of fun picking which colors and who got to have the next turn.

I had the duty of writing everyone’s name on each egg including our bunny Jeremiah and our fish Princess 🙂

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because I love the spring when everything comes back to life and the colors are vibrant especially with all the sun and rain we have been having! I have been spoiled and have a lot of flowers to look at inside while my throat recovers…


I have two ceramic rabbits I keep out all year round that remind me of my Nona.. She passed away last year in February and I purchased these shortly after. Now that they are in season again, I snapped a little photo to put in my “Tell your Story” journal. Have a happy Easter everyone! I will post more tomorrow when Gracey finds out what the Easter bunny brought for her… 🙂

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